Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tea For One Vignette

A week ago this area of our home was non-existant
and the bookshelf was just an empty piece of furniture
getting moved back and forth to different spots
just to keep it out of the way.

The reason for that is
I am in the process of converting our old school room/office
into a sitting/guest room.

It has definately been a long process
and I can't wait to show you the final transformation.
That post should be coming soon!

In the meantime I thought I'd give you a quick sneak peak.
This tea time vignette features my grandmothers teacup,
a teapot my brother-in-laws gave us for our first anniversary,
a spring butterfly napkin and pink floral napking ring
and a little tealight in the small stemware.

The lamp I found at an estate sale
and I so enjoy the fact you can have just the top on
or just the bottom or both.

Hope you enjoyed my Tea for One Vignette!

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Nita at ModVintage Life for Mod Mix Monday
Marty at A Stroll Through Life for Tabletop Tuesday
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  1. What a lovely little vignette! The teacup is gorgeous. I have a few that were past down to me from a great-aunt. What a great way to display them. :-) I'm now following and look forward to seeing more of your beautiful blog!

  2. Oh what a perfect spot and just the right size to sit enjoy some tea and perhaps pick up a book and read for a while. Love the teacup and teapot, so pretty. The lamp is perfect also. Great vignette. Hugs, Marty

  3. Sharla - Welcome!

    Marty - Thank you :)

  4. Love your little tea setting and that lamp is so pretty!!

    Your small transformation certainly makes a big statement!

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Your vignette is charming and I look forward to seeing more.

  6. It is beautiful...and I love that lamp....something else I have a weakness for.
    betty @ southern grace

  7. Your vignette looks like such a nice and cosy spot. I will look forward to seeing your new space. Hugs. Juli

  8. Aledia - Thank you :)

    Crosstown - Thanks!

    Betty - Lamps are one of my weaknesses lol

    Juli - I can't wait to show off the new space :)

  9. Oh...such a cosy space to enjoy a bit of quiet as you sip a cup of tea and spend a little time with a good book. Enjoy! Hugs ♥ Teri


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