Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Archie Birthday Theme

It was hubby's birthday and I wanted to do something different than we normally do this year so I came up with a theme party for him.  He LOVES Archie commic books so I decided to go with an Archie theme.
I started off with a red and white check tablecloth I picked up at Dollarama.

And hung a small disco ball from the light.
I wanted to give a diner type feel.

I printed off some Archie comics onto 8 1/2 x 11 sheets and had them laminated for placemats.

I was hoping to find round plastic baskets but had to settle for rectangle ones.

With the addition of tin foil and wax paper they were the perfect container for the burgers and fries with a bit of a retro look.

I was able to find some Archie glasses - thanks to e-bay.

And some bobbleheads for the center of the table.

Again thanks to e-bay.

And a cute little pull back car driven by Betty.

I added some stacks of comic books and a "reserved" sign to the center of the table.

The napkins were folded to hold the cutlery and straw.

And were pinned together with Archie themed pins.

Of course, it wouldn't be complete without the classic Coke bottles.

I added a sign near the dining room entrance.

Once the party got started I forgot to get pictures of the Burger Bar and yummy milkshakes topped with real whipped cream.

However, I did remember to get a picture of the fabulous cake made by some friends of my daughter.

They did an amazing job and it tasted delicious :)

We all had a wonderful time celebrating hubby's birthday and he thoroughly enjoyed his theme party.

Now, time to start planning my daughter's 18th!

I am joining Marty at "A Stroll Through Life" for Tabletop Tuesday

And Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" for Tablescape Thursday


  1. I love Archie comics too and you did an amazing job putting that themed party together! Everything turned out awesome ... are you in the planning business??? You should be!

  2. so very cute! the cake is great! thanks for sharing :)
    @ http://www.clutzycooking.blgspot.com

  3. Dear Alana...such a cute idea! This is so charming...birthday blessings to your hubby! Simple Blessings ♥ Teri

  4. Oh Alana...this was just wonderful! I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves immensely :-)


  5. Alana, that is just AWESOME!! Too clever!! Totally love it. Especially the place mats!!

  6. Dear Alana,
    That is a FANTASTIC birhtday gift. The time and effort to create this I know would have been greatly appreciated. You thought it out so well
    A wonderful memory to treasure
    Congratulations on this
    God Bless

  7. Alana this is so very cool ! I am so very glad you stopped by my blog so now I found yours ☺
    I love that table cloth !

  8. Lisa - Thank you. No, I'm not in the planning business. It's just something I do for fun :)

    Meaghan - They did an awesome job on the cake. And inside it was chocolate with chocolate buttercream icing - so delicious.

    Teri - Thank you so much!

    Maria - We had a wondereful time. It was cold outside but inside the house was filled with light, warmth & love.

    Blondee - The placemats were fun and I was surprised how inexpensive it was to get them laminated.

    Gae - Hubby really loved it and I had so much planning for it - even though personally I do not like Archie comics.

    Rox - Thanks for joining!!

    Hip-chick - It was sooo much fun :)


  9. Alana,

    Oh, this is wonderful!

    I liked your idea for the placemats. I think that is something I would have never even thought about!

    You gave your husband some wonderful memories for his birthday! The Archie theme you planned for him turned-out SO well! I'm sure your husband and the rest of your family enjoyed this lovely event! :)

    -Lady Rose

  10. That is such an iriginal idea and so FUN! I love the vintage glasses and birthday dake, it is all awesome!!!!

  11. How cute! I'm sure you all had a great time:@)

  12. HA! Love the ideas you had. What a great party. Isn't Ebay a wonderful thing when you really need something unique? Great job. Lori L

  13. Very clever and fun! I bet dh loved it!

  14. This about the cutest thing I've ever seen! You put so much love and preparation into it. I am sure he was very appreciative! ;-D

  15. Holy smokes---how flipping creative!!! Awesome job =)

  16. You did a fabulous job here. I would love to be sitting at this table and enjoying this party!

  17. I love a theme party. You did a great job and looks like a lot of fun!

  18. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments!

  19. What a unique and creative theme idea! I love how it turned out, great job!

    Thanks so much for stopping by The Cozy Old Farmhouse and commenting on the "junky" vintage cabin. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you Stephanie and thanks for stopping by and visiting :)


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