Monday, February 28, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today... Monday, February 28, 2011

Outside my window... It's gray, it's lightly snowing and the temperature is dropping.  After a weekend of temperatures right around freezing we are once again heading back into the deep freeze.

I am thinking...  How I wished I felt better and that this cold would just go away nice and quickly.

I am thankful for... Warm tea and honey for sore throats.

From the learning rooms... Starting Social.

From the kitchen... I will be cleaning out the fridge so it will probably be an assortment of leftovers.

I am wearing...  Black sweats, black tank and a black pullover.

I am creating...  A x-stitched bib.

I am going... To kick this cold this week.

I am reading... What Happens When Woman Care by Emilie Barnes.

I am praying for... My dad who will be going to have an angiogram and possibly angioplasty next week.

Pondering these words... Govern thy life and thoughts as if the whole world were to see the one, and read the other (Thomas Fuller)

I am STILL hoping... That spring will come sooner rather than later.

I am hearing... The computer, my daughter working on her social.

Around the house... Low-key activities as we battle the cold.

One of my favorite things... Watching old movies.

A few plans for the rest of the week... It's a quiet week so the only plans I have is to go to the city on Thursday.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

We all need something to cuddle :)

Thank you Peggy for the The Simple Woman's Daybook {follow links to read more}.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Blogging Holiday

Just a quick note that I will be away from blogging this week.  Hubby has taken some holidays and we will be celebrating his birthday and our 20th wedding anniversary so this week I will be focusing on our time together.  Wishing everyone a blessed week :)

To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven.
~Karen Sunde~

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Teacups from my Grandmother

I love these teacups from my Grandmother.  We use them on special occassions and sometimes just because.  She was a wonderful kind lady and although we couldn't communicate well because of the language barrier I always knew I had a special place in her heart.

"Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever."
(Author Unknown)

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

My blog friend Blondee has awarded me with the Stylish Blog Award. I am honored that she considered me for the award.  If you have a chance, stop by and visit her blog.  She's a wonderful, warm and funny homeschooling mom who has a love for life and everything in it.


There are some rules for the award and they are:-

~ Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.

~ Share 7 things about yourself.

~ Award 7 recently discovered great bloggers.

~ Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.


So, here it goes - seven things about myself that you may not know.

1.  I cannot cook anything pre-packed and frozen.  I always seem to burn them.  In fact, hubby has banned me from cooking frozen pizzas.  If I buy them I have to leave them for him to cook.

2.  I have been spelunking (caving) and loved it.  I hope we get a chance to go again this summer.

3.  I love big dogs.

4.  I love watching old movies from the '30s and '40s.

5.  One of my favorite foods is dark chocolate with almonds.

6.  I'm almost at the end of my career as a homeschooling mom and I'm not sure if I should sit down and cry or jump up and down with joy - maybe both??

7.  I love weeding.  There is something so satisfying and calming about cleaning up flowerbeds and gardens.


Now, onto my seven recently discovered great bloggers :)

1.  Stop by and visit Kelsie at Our Country Home .  She shares and joys and trials of a simple country life while living on their families original homesite.

2.  Check in on Debi at Barefoot Mom who has a great love for her family and friends.

3.  Say hi to Misty at Misty's Mornings . She's a hard working mom with a daydreamer heart.

4.  Don't miss out on Lisa at Suburban Retreat . She works hard at creating an oasis in the city and does a fabulous job.

5.  I'm sure Shannon won't mind if you stop in for a cup of tea at The Musings of Mrs. Evans . She has a passion for the simple things in life.

6.  To enjoy some beautiful Canadian gardening stop in and see Jennifer at Three Dogs In a Garden

7.  Christine is a wonderful and warm who shares so many wonderful things at Wash, fold, put away and repeat....

If you read this I hope you take time to drop in and say hi to all of these wonderful ladies.

Thank you again Blondee for this award :)

Hearts for Home

Today I am joining in with Gae from Cherished Hearts at Home . She has a weekly post called Hearts for Home which is open for others to link up with and share some thoughts on home-centred ways. She encourages us to think of 4-6 things to commit to each week to make homelife special and to bless us as keepers at home.

Hubby seems to be over the worst of his cold and the rest of us are still healthy and for that I am very thankful.

This week I need to:-

1.  Finish up the paperwork for the college application.  Once she gets her reference forms back we should be able to get it mailed off.

2.  Start on the birthday and anniversary cards I would like to make.

3.  Continue working on my x-stitch project.  I am making good progress so far and just need to keep the momentum going.

4.  Get caught up on other paper and book work that needs doing.

5.  Make sure my daughter finishes studying and writes her Biology exam this week.

~Home, the spot of earth supremely blest,
A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest~
(Maricar Macalincag)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quick & Easy Cabbage Roll Casserole

I love cabbage rolls.
Unfortunately I don't have the time, patience or skill to make them.
I have, however, come across this recipe which I absolutely love and more than satisfies that cabbage roll craving.

Cabbage Roll Casserole

 1 medium onion
3 Tbsp butter or margarine
1 lb. ground beef
3/4 tsp. seasoning salt
6 cups coarsely chopped cabbage
1/4 cup unooked rice
2 cans tomato soup

Saute chopped onion in butter or margarine.  Add, heating through meat and seasonings.  Spread half of the cabbage in bottom of sprayed casserole dish.  Sprinkle with rice.  Cover with meat mixture and top with rest of cabbage.  Spread tomato soup over all.  Cover and bake at 350F for approximately 1 hour.

I love to serve this dish with warm baking powder biscuits and a tossed salad.

"It's the company, not the cooking, that makes a meal."
(Kirby Larson)

I am joining "The King's Court IV" for What's Cooking Wednesday

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Our LOVE-ly Table for Valentine's Day

For us, Valentine's Day is about celebrating the love of family
and one of the ways we do that is by having a special supper together.
I love the way their faces light up when they walk into the dining room and see the table decorated.

For Valentine's Day I started with a basic white tablecloth and added these wonderful red placemats I found on a Christmas clearance sale at JYSK.  I loved the deep red color and the swirly heart design.

I added white napkins with these napkin rings, which again I found at a clearance sale at Stokes.

I added my basic white dishes, a heart candle at each place setting (from the DollarStore) and a heart box.

These I also found on clearance a few years ago.  I love the pattern on the them.

And I filled them with homemade "Caramel Smoochies".

For the center of the table I used this wreath.

And candle holder.  Again both were found at the DollarStore.

Put together they looked quite nice.

I added some roses and greenery in a vase.

The flowers were also picked up at the DollarStore.  It's a great place to find things and fits my budget :)

The vase was given to me for Mother's Day a few years ago.

Then I added some greenery down the center of the table.

And a rose at each place setting.

Along with their cards.

I was very happy with how everything came together.

And with the candles lit.

The table glowed.

And we had a wonderful evening celebrating together as a family.

"The love of a family is life's greatest blessing."

I am joining Marty at "A Stroll Through Life" for Tabletop Tuesday

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today... Sunday, February 13, 2011

Outside my window... Sunshine, blue sky, temps above freezing and howling wind.

I am thinking...  About everything I need to get done this week, how I wish the wind would stop blowing, I can't wait for my seeds to come in and I can start some indoor planting.

I am thankful for... Massage chairs.

From the learning rooms... More Bio...

From the kitchen... Tonight we are having Mushroom Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Salad.

I am wearing...  Black dress pants, black tank top with embellishment along the top and a fuschia cardigan.

I am creating...  Treats for Valentine's Day and a birthday and anniversary card for hubby.

I am going... To try to go with the flow this week.

I am reading... What Happens When Woman Care by Emilie Barnes.

I am praying for... People who are hurting.

Pondering these words... "If you are a young person just getting started in your work for Christ, focus on learning what God has to teach you.  As time goes on, give yourself to putting into practice what God has taught you.  In your declining years, spend time teaching the next generation what you have learned."  (Leroy Eims)

I am STILL hoping... That spring will come sooner rather than later.

I am hearing... The computer, the dog's collar jingling, sounds of everyone getting ready for church.

Around the house... Family time today.

One of my favorite things... Cafe Mochas.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Tonight small group study, Monday - Valentine's Day, Tuesday - Housework and School, Wednesday - Meeting at church, Thursday - Errands, Friday - Possibly another day in the city, Saturday - Girl's Day Out :)
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

Parachuters in tandem.

Thank you Peggy for the The Simple Woman's Daybook {follow links to read more}.