Thursday, February 10, 2011

Creating Cards for Valentine's Day

This year I decided to make some cards for Valentine's Day.
I started off with a few heart buttons and some red and white paper.

I drew a heart on the white paper (which has hearts on it)
and arranged the buttons around and glued them on.


And added some buttons to the corners.

I added some hearts and edged the paper on the inside using my "heartbeat" scissors.

And added a verse.

I made two cards.  One for my parents and one for my daughter.

Then I decided to do one for my son.  No reds for him.

Although I did sneak in a little pink ;)

I then added some "postage stamps" and gold trim.


Nothing too mushy for him.

Again on the inside I added the verse and some more "postage stamps".

I added some gold trim to the edges.

I used the same idea for hubby but he likes red.

Although I did use a deeper red than on the first button cards.

And a similar inside as my sons card, again I gold trimmed the edges.

Valentine's Day cards are done.
Now onto birthday and anniversary cards.

I am joining Ciny at "My Romantic Home" for Show and Tell Friday

And Lori at "be different act normal" for Show and Tell Saturday


  1. I wish I had paper craft talent like yours! These are beautiful, thanks for sharing:)

  2. Isn't that fun?!

    Good for you, I'm sure they will love your genuine Valentines!

  3. Mrs Evans - Thank you! I am glad I could share them :)

    Blondee - It is so much fun!! I've been working on them in the evening after I get the kitchen cleaned up from supper. Supper's never been cleaned up so fast and the kitchen's never been cleaner than this past week as I work as fast as I can to give me more time to work on the cards LOL ~Alana~

  4. That's beautiful. My husband loves red too. I hope I get time to handmake my cards for Valentines...but I tend to leave it toooo late! It's the 11th already and I've nothing prepared. LOL.

  5. Like sunshine in the home - Thank you. I hope you find time to make some :) ~Alana~


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