Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekly Planning

Weekly planning is essential for me.  Without it nothing gets done.  And even though I lay out a detailed plan for the week the actuality of it working out that way is pretty slim.  However, it does give me that solid base I need to get the things I need and want to do accomplished. 

Last summer I set up my Home Management Binder.  I had versions of this in many different books and binders around the house and I finally consolidated it all into one.  Although it took a little getting used to it is so much nicer having everything in one place.  I also like customizing my day planner pages for the month. 

I normally like to plan for the week sometime over the weekend.  However this weekend was busy from start to finish and I didn't get time to plan.  So, this morning after my quiet time I grabbed my Home Management Binder, a cup of coffee and headed to my office.  I updated my planning sheets for February and got busy planning my week.

Once I got my week fairly organized I decided to keep going.  I made a new section in my Home Management Binder called "Holiday Planning".  With Valentines Day coming up and then hubby's birthday and then our anniversary I wanted somewhere to put down all the plans I have in my head.  I started with Valentines Day and on one side I put down each person I was doing things for and what I was planning.  On the other side I had a running shopping list that I added to as I went through my plans and supplies.

Although I ended up spending a good portion of my day in the office it felt good to have a solid plan in writing.  Now that I have all my ideas out of my head onto paper I can start thinking and planning my next project.

"Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up."
(A.A. Milne)


  1. I am impressed with your organization! I keep saying that I need to do something like this but I never seem to tackle it.

  2. Debi, thank you. I tend to procrastinate on the organizing part as well, thinking I can keep it all in my head. Well, it just doesn't work any more LOL so I bit the bullet and put it on paper. ~Alana~


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