Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Projects

I have been looking for some baskets with lids to hold my x-stitch projects that I am currently working on and I finally found some :)

The bottom basket is bigger and holds the extra cases of floss and projects.

The smaller top basket holds the project I am currently working on.
It keeps it tidy looking and clean.
It is also really easy to grab and move to where ever I want to work on it, upstairs or downstairs.

There are a few couples in our church who are expecting babies this spring and I realized that if I want to make them something I had better get busy.

So I temporarily put aside the pillowcases I was working on and will be starting on a bib.

I am customizing the picture abit.

By taking the bottom picture but leaving off the skunk in the cart.

And adding on the bottle cart and making it two bottles instead of one.
The colors are so nice I can't wait to see it completed.

It has been warming up here and has me thinking towards gardening.
I have very few seeds left over from last year so I need to put in an order for more seeds.

I have such a hard time narrowing down the flowers I want.
Really, I'd love to try them all.

And of course, the choices of vegetables for the garden.

I have wanted to put in a flower cutting garden for many years and I think this is the year I am going to do it.

This book gives me a sample and I'm ordering the flowers they suggest.
I can't wait to get the seeds planted and see how it turns out.
Besides, how can you go wrong with flowers? :)


  1. I love the baskets! I do the very same thing here...looks so much nicer. I need a dumpster size one next to my husbands chair for all of his magazines and news papers! Happy Week end wishes your way.

  2. I love baskets, too!! I have huge rectangular ones I keep the kid's school work in. :)

    Hope you post pictures of some of your finished needle work. I've never learned how....maybe a little tutorial could be posted? (Hint, hint!!)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Oh Alana...a flower cutting garden. How wonderful that you are planning. It is so much fun to plan, isn't it? :-)

    Be blessed,


  4. I have those exact same baskets in my bedroom. One is filled with things like my hairdryer, make-up bag, brushes, etc., and the other is my sewing basket. I love baskets!

  5. Love the baskets--I bet they would keep the kids and the critters away from my projects!! I need to find a few, I think :)
    Thanks for sharing, love the blog!

  6. I love wicker baskets!!
    So pretty and practical at the same time.
    I hope your gardening plans work out Alana, it sounds like you have some beautiful ideas :-)

  7. Christine - What a good idea! My hubby piles his papers on a chair in the dining room. I will definately be looking for a basket for him now :)

    Blondee - It's not hard to learn. I will definately keep in mind about posting a tutorial.

    Maria - It is fun to plan. I hope the results are great.

    Like Sunshine - That is a great idea!

    Sam - Yes, they definately help. That's why I specifically wanted ones with lids.

    Trish - Thank you :)



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