Thursday, March 3, 2011

Archie Birthday Card

This is the cute little card I made for my hubby for his birthday
which was so quick and easy to do.

I printed the Archie band picture and then decided to use the music note sheet as the background.

I used the red cardstock because red is one of our favorite colors.

I trimmed the top edge and added some gold accent.

Inside I put a personalized verse based on the song "Wild Thing".
He got a chuckle out of it,
and it went well with his theme party :)

I will be joining Cindy at "My Romatic Home" for Show and Tell Friday


  1. So simple, yet so very nice indeed! :-)


  2. Did it make his heart sing? lol!
    Alana, you did a great job.
    It's so nice to get personalised cards :-)
    Happy birthday to your hubby.


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