Saturday, July 7, 2012

More Porch Decor

After doing the little vignette in the porch last week
I thought I would fill up this little shelf
and the window ledge as well.

This little welcome sign sits on the wall
just before you enter the house.

Isn't the ladybug on the shoe cute?

This is my favorite jar.
I love filling it with flowers.

Fresh are the best but for now I have to make do.

But I do love the bright, cheerful colors.

This little owl must be the baby sister to my outdoor owl
and keeps an eye on things :)

And on the window ledge some colorful bottles
which I added twine to
and some simple white flowers.

~Finding the amazing in the simple~
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  1. Very pretty porch setting.
    I really like the welcome sign :-)
    Have a blessed weekend, Alana.

  2. Nice. I'd love to have porch. I think I would be changing things up a lot just like you!! Fun! Like the ladybug boot. :)

    1. Thanks Karen! I thought the ladybug was so cute :)

  3. I've just emptied my front porch and looking for ideas of how to re dress it! I have to have a table there so that the postman can put my mail on it (instead of chucking it on the floor as he used to)!! But apart from that it's empty. It's only quite small but perhaps I should take some photos of before and after to post sometime?! Thanks for the ideas. Joan

    1. I would love to see before and after photos! I hope you do decide to post them :)

  4. Hi Alana,
    This is very pretty! The little owl is so cute, so is the ladybug on the shoe. I have the same 'Welcome' sign. I have mine on the front porch inside a wreath that is hanging by the front door. I hope you are enjoying a lovely Saturday! :)

    1. That is so neat you have the same welcome sign. It's one of my favorite things :)

  5. Those a cute for the porch. Have a nice Sunday.

  6. I love your porch items. The vintage looking sign is a wonderful fine. I love canning jars and I'm going to try a stain some pink and blue:-) Thank you for joining me and I invite your friends.

    1. I love canning jars too. My mom has some vintage blue canning jars that I am in love with :)


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