Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Parcel Packing

The first year my daughter headed off to college
I discovered how much I love sending parcels.
Throughout the month I collect things and bake things she might like
and keep a running of list so I don't forget anything come parcel day.
This is the first year she has a kitchen she can actually cook in
and she has been having fun cooking & baking.
I decided to send her some jar mixes - just not in the jars since they add extra weight.

Zipper lock bags work great and I just wrote the recipe on the front of the bag.

I set the bag in a measuring cup and it made for very easy filling.

Finding the perfect size box is always a challenge
and I have learned to stash different sizes away.

Packed nice and full means there is no room for items to slip and slide about during shipping. 
I always cover my box in brown paper which I buy at the post office
since it is much thicker than cheaper versions I have tried.
I also tape, tape, and tape all the edges and corners.
Ready to go, all it needs is her address,
and in a few days she will be enjoying her parcel.

~Finding the amazing in the simple~
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