Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I-Pad Card

When I saw this card idea on Pinterest
I knew it would be the perfect card to make
for my son for his birthday.
To see the original version and full instructions
check out tipjunkie.com 

First I cut out the frame of the card.
Then I found a background that suited my sons interests.

I googled Ipad images and printed and cut them out.

Then I carefully glued them on the card,
trying to get the buttons in as accurate order as I could.

Then I took my silver pen
and went carefully around the edge
and used it to create the button.

I lined the inside of the card with simple white paper
and put a Happy Birthday verse. 

I was pleased with the finished result
and the smile it put on my son's face
made it all that much better!
~Finding the amazing in the simple~
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  1. Great idea! And knowing your son appreciated your efforts really was the payoff!

    1. Thanks Dianna! And your right - the smile on his face made the card priceless :)


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