Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is ruggedly beautiful!
The Athabasca River was behind our campsite.

As were many walking trails through the trees
and along the river bank.

Bear warning signs are everywhere
but we didn't see one, which is a relief.
While driving to Miette Hot Springs
we saw some Big Horn Sheep.

I would say of the National Parks we visited,
Waterton National Park,
Banff National Park, and
Jasper National Park
that Jasper National Park was my favorite.

~Finding the amazing in the simple~
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  1. Beautiful pictures, Alana. I especially liked the last one..the blueness of the sky and those beautiful rugged mountains. Just gorgeous. And I'm glad you didn't see any bears! :)

    1. Thanks Dianna!! It was truly spectacular and I am glad we didn't meet any bears as well! We've met a few while hiking and that was a few too many for me!

    2. So...tell me...what exactly do you do when you meet a bear while you are hiking? Are they afraid of humans? I've heard opposing views on that.

    3. I would say it depends on the circumstances. The first time we met a bear while hiking it was my daughter and I, the guys were way back somewhere on the trail. We rounded a corner and saw the bear at the far end of the trail - he didn't see us so we backed up and went back to meet the guys. We then proceeded forward, making lots of noise. By that time the bear had moved off the trail and was eating berries nearby. Thankfully he was more interested in the berries than us. The second time the guys were in front and we were right behind. We heard rustling in the bushes just in front of us and thought a deer was going to come out. Instead it was a bear. Poor thing, he took one look at us and turned tail and headed the other way - while we turned tail and headed back in the opposite direction! I am not sure who's heart was beating harder - his or ours - lol. But I never take it for granted anymore that we won't encounter a bear!


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