Thursday, September 2, 2010

Food for Thought

In my reading this morning one sentance jumped out at me.  "Our calling as God's women is to live life in such a solid way that our husband never worries or wonders about our character or our management of our home, our finances, or our time!" (Beautiful in God's Eyes by Elizabeth George).  This made me think about a website I came across that described a keeper of the home as revolving around your husband. 
A keeper of the home's main goal isn't a clean home, although that is definately part of it.  Instead the main goal is to honor your husband.  This has definately given me some food for thought.

The first signs of fall are beginning to show themselves.  We've had frost warnings here the past few nights and one again for tonight.  However, we have been fortunate so far and haven't had a frost.  It is quite early so I hope it holds off for a little while longer. 

I had a productive morning puttering around the kitchen, cutting up a roast, putting one in the oven for beef on a bun which we had for lunch, cut up one for a stir-fry and put the other one in the freezer.  I also got some laundry and housework done.  I also finished unpacking from the camping trip we took on the weekend.  It only took me about 10 minutes.  How embarassing.  I've been procrastinating on a 10 minute job.  Well, at least its done now and hopefully I learned something from it, like don't keep putting things off.

After lunch and spending some time helping my daughter review for her math exam and updating my monthly meal plan I decided to do some baking.  I made some Saskatoon Muffins and some Chocolately Chip Cookies.  My hubby will enjoy some of these in his lunch tomorrow.  By then it was time for my afternoon cup of tea.

The rest of the day turned out different than I had planned.  I had to make an unexpected trip to the city so we made a family evening out of it and went out for supper to one of my favorite restaurants.  We haven't been there for quite awhile and the food is always sooo good.  That basically took care of the rest of the day and now it is once again time to call it a night.  It's been a good day and I can lay my head down tonight feeling content with the way I spent the hours God gave me.


  1. Dear Alana,
    I love that verse you quoted too
    What a porductive day you have had. All that providing for your loved ones.
    I really like the look of your tea table. I love lamp too.
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow

  2. Hi Alana,
    You did have a productive day! Your muffins look very do the cookies!

    I know when I procratinate on a job, it never takes as long as I think it will. It makes me wonder why I just don't do it in the first place, instead of putting it off! :)

    I hope you have a lovely weekend with your family!


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