Friday, September 10, 2010


"You will hear many calls.  There are hundreds of places where your help could be of value.  But you cannot be His tool for each.  Trust the One.  No need will go unanswered.  Follow His task for you today.  What you cannot do, be assured the One will send another to do."
(from The Restorer's Journey by Sharon Hinck)

So  may good things and opportunites, but are they the right thing to do if they are going to pull me off track?  I have such a wonderful opportunity that came my way this week.  But, every time I take it to God in prayer I get a very clear, "now is not the time" and, I have to admit, I am having a very difficult time letting it go.  My whole desire is to honor God and yet I'm struggling with saying no to this opportunity. And every time I think I have it settled in my heart another angle comes up and again pulls at me. 

This week has been a bit frustrating for me on so many different levels.  I was supposed to be home every day this week and it ended up that I was out every day this week.  Unfortunately, when that happens the house begins to look like a disaster area.  So, today I spent doing damage control around the house.  It was great to get the house cleaned up and to sit down to a wonderful home cooked meal for supper.  It felt good to get things back in order.

My mom stopped by and dropped off some gladiolus from her garden and I added to them with flowers from my garden.

She also dropped off an apron which she made for me.

Having family close is such a blessing.  It has been a long week here and I am looking forward to some relaxing time this weekend.  A thought I will be meditating on this weekend is...

"Pursue excellence in all things"


  1. We all have those times of frustration and just are not able to grasp the simplicity and contentment that we are looking for. The beautiful bouquet and the apron share such a peace and serenity in your home! Such a blessing to have family closeby! Thank you for sharing...sweet and simple blessings for your weekend dear friend! ♥ Teri

  2. I know how you feel. But I like your opening question "are they the right thing to do if they are going to pull me off track?" That's something I have to guard against - getting 'off track'! Your photos are very lovely..gentle decor lifts the soul doesn't it?! Peaceful blessings..Trish

  3. Submission of will is the only truly personal gift we can give over to God. Everything else He has either given or loaned us for our journey here. I think that is why it can be so hard to sumbit, because it is genuinely our own desires and dreams. To let that go IS hard, especially when your hearts content lies elsewhere. Trust Him. He knows your heart, too.

    Love the Glads in the vase with the other pretty. I just love flowers!

  4. Dear Alana,
    Oh, this post is speaking right to my heart. We have so much to do around here to get ready for winter...and I want to accomplish it all yesterday! Yet I know, in my own strength, I I need to wait on Him to guide me...and direct me down the best path. Thank you for this reminder...just at the right time!
    Love and blessings,


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