Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Signs of Fall

As I sat by the window looking out this morning during my quiet time I can see that the first colors of fall are beginning to appear.  Fall is usually my favorite time of year with cooler evenings and warmer days that yet hold a crispness in the air.  This year though, fall doesn't hold the same expectancy as other years.  Yes, its back to school routine and fall programs, but its somehow different this year.  Maybe it's the realization that this is my final year of homeschooling.  My last year before I cross over into a different season of life.  The upcoming months will be full of excitment with final courses and exams and of course, graduation.  These will be precious days that I will treasure.  And, as to the future after homeschooling, that I will have to trust to God and leave in His hands.

I spent some extra time in study this morning.  I have started reading "Beautiful in God's Eyes" by Elizabeth George and she talks about the word 'virtuous' and how it means 'power of mind' and 'power of body'.  I need both of these in order to be a good keeper of the home.  A 'powerful mind' is the internal qualities I need while a 'powerful body' is what will help me get it done.  I think I've always though being a keeper of the home would be fairly easy and natural and now I'm finally beginning to realize its not .  I need the mental and physical discipline of a soldier going into battle. 

I did get my binder set up and started using it today.  I didn't spend too much time making it fancy, I can always do that later as I have time.  However, I did have a nice light blue binder which I used.  I have already seen how its going to be beneficial to have everything in one place.  My daughter needs to finish up some volunteer hours in order to complete her Water Safety Instructor Certification but lessons don't begin for two weeks so, voila, I made a note on my calendar to call two weeks from now.  I can see this is going to work great. 

I also got my calendars updated and even color coded depending on who's activity is listed on the calendar.



After lunch I spent time getting caught up on the bookwork and spent some time with my daughter reviewing her math as she has an exam coming up.  Then it was off to take her for her Hep A shot.  We had a few thunderstorms rumble through during the afternoon and the sky at some points was amazing.  I took a picture but it doesn't do it justice.  The sky was so dark and then there was a patch of robin egg blue and then the brilliant white clouds.  It was beautiful.


When we got home it was time for a cup of tea and then I got busy and did a quick clean around the house before I made supper.  It was just a quick surface clean but it still made the whole house look better.  Then I lit some candles, put a cake in the oven and made some bread. 

I made meatloaf with baked vegetables for supper along with steamed broccoli with cheese sauce.  We had the warm chocolate cake for dessert.

As you can see, it went over quite well and I will have to definately be baking something tomorrow.  After supper I tackled the kitchen and got the surface areas clean and tidy.  Inside the cupboards still need work but I am happy with what I got accomplished today.  Now, it will be much easier for me to work in the kitchen.

I think my cleaning & organizing has already had a positive effect.  My daughter cleaned her room this evening and I didn't even have to tell her to.  So, it is the end of the day and the smell of fresh bread is wafting up the stairs and will be ready to come out shortly.  I am off to make a cup of tea, put up my feet, work on my cross-stitch project and start unwinding for the evening.  It has been a good day and I am blessed.


  1. Sweet, sweet blessings! I love all that you share...all seems so homey and comfy in your home! You were able to tend to so many homekeeping tasks and such a nice peaceful evening with your cup of tea and your cross-stitch project! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Dear Alana ~ I am sharing my email with you! I was going to share with you on your "Post a Comment" about my "Kitchen Notebook"...but I think it would take up much space...and thought that if we could share emails if you feel comfortable doing that...that might work out better. My email address is Simple blessings for your day!

  3. Home made bread sounds so yummy! It sounds like you had a very productive day. It's nice you were able to relax at the end with a cup of tea and a project. :) Thank you for sharing your photos. Hope today is also a good one for you! :)


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