Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Creating a Natural Vignette

I went to a presentation that was on how to make
arrangements using things that you can find around your yard.
It was so inspiring I came home
and decided to try my hand at making
a natural vignette by our back door.
The old fence gate and the pump were still there from the summer display
and I added the four white pots.

I gathered some spruce boughs,
red dogwood branches,
rosehips and cranberries on the stem
and some juniper.

First  I added in the spruce boughs.

Then the red dogwood branches went behind the spruce boughs.

The rosehips and cranberries were added along the front of the pots
cutting the branches down to a size I needed.

Then some juniper was added in here and there where needed as filler.

I then added some more juniper along the bottom
tucked in between the bottom of the pots.

While cutting the juniper branches I discovered this wasp nest
that had been built tucked in underneath and in the back of the juniper bush.

I thought it made a wonderful natural accent!

 ~Finding the amazing in the simple~
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  1. This is very cute and creative! My yard is covered in snow- I can't decorate like this because it would disappear! The red would play off the white nicely though!

    1. Thanks Liz! The red and white would look amazing :)

  2. Beautiful. I am just happy you found that wasp nest empty. I just knocked one down while decorating on the porch and there were a few buzzing around it. Thankfully they were moving a bit slow because of the cooler weather.

    1. I definitely wouldn't want to encounter one that had wasps in it. Glad the ones you found were slow moving. Thanks for stopping by!


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