Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas in the Family Room

I had fun this year putting
Christmas touches in the family room.

Snowglobes next to my vintage lamps.

Reindeers and sleighs glide along in front of the TV.

Silver, twigs and beads.

The controllers are contained
and the snowglobe santa train
adds some interest. 
Bears sledding. 


Lights and a birdhouse.

A few more snowglobes and beads. 

And some cardinals for the finishing touch.

 ~Finding the amazing in the simple~
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  1. Your house is so festive, Alana! You have put lovely touches of Christmas everywhere! The light show is beautiful. Have a happy holiday.

  2. Feliz Natal!!! Que a manjedoura do seu coração esteja pronta para receber o Menino Jesus que irá nascer!!!
    Um ano novo repleto das bençãos de Deus!!!
    Doce abraço, Marie!

  3. First off, I love your header!! So festive! And I love all your snow globes too! Happy Christmas!

  4. So sweet! I especially like the snowglobe train -- cute, cute, cute!

    1. Thanks Carol! It was a Christmas gift from my daughter a few year ago and one of my favorites :)


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