Friday, November 15, 2013

Frugal Friday - How I Saved This Week!

Prices seem to go up every year for just the basics.
Unfortunately, our income often doesn't match the pace
of the increase for costs of goods.
"A penny saved is a penny earned"
is something I heard very often while growing up.
So, here are a few of the ways I saved some of our pennies this week,
which in turn allows us to live comfortably on less.
I saved $22.48 this week by shopping the sale items and using coupons.

A free coffee while out shopping.

I cooked multiple items at the same time.
Supper and baking often together.
This saves electricity as the oven only has to heat up once.

I made homemade gravy instead of using a packaged mix.
The cost is pennies compared to average $1.39 per package.
How did you save money this week?
~Finding the amazing in the simple~
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  1. Hi Alana,
    Well, this doesn't exactly fall under "household" things, but it did save a little money. I had a package to mail this week and asked for the comparison of prices between Priority and Parcel Post. If I was going to send it by parcel post I wanted delivery confirmation, but no insurance. SO...the lady obliged. Her report was I could send it Priority Mail for $10.05 and the package would arrive on Monday OR I could send it parcel post, it would arrive on Tuesday and the cost would be $10.05, PLUS the cost of the delivery confirmation (which would have been over $2). read that correctly. I thought this was a no brainer, especially after she added that with the Priority Mail it was insured for $50 and provided me with a tracking number. Still shaking your head? lol That was a first for me! It only saved a couple of dollars, but it was still a savings!

    1. Sometimes mail prices just make me wonder at the logic. Way to go on checking it out and finding the best price!


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