Friday, October 8, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

Friends are always welcome at the back door.  In fact, I think the only people who actually use the front door are the delivery guys, and some of them even use the back door so I thought I should decorate it fall and make it more welcoming.  I got so engrossed in my project that I forgot to take a before picture, but you're not missing much since all there was before was the purple petunias and the BBQ.  So, welcome friends, to my back door :)

Similar to the front porch idea, I took a pot and added corn tops, ornamental apple brances and some stems from a shrub to balance out the look.  The petunias were given to me in the early summer by my mother-in-law and they have such a beautiful fragrance as you come in or out the door.

I don't think we're going to be doing much BBQ'ng ;)

I found this lamp at a garage sale for a steal and when I saw it I knew I wanted it for the back door.  The vine of leaves I got at Dollarama.

I found these Mums at Wal-Mart and they were the only ones in that color, so of course I went for it.  I just love their brilliance.

You've seen this from a previous project and he looks so cute out here.

Some beans and tealights to make it look for like fall.

I love the owls.  I found them when I helped hubby clean out the garage and they were the perfect addition for my back door look.

My three foot sunflowers grew to over nine feet.  I think the wrong seed got into the package but they are beautiful.

I added the table and chairs to complete the warm, inviting look. 
As you can see, our pup feels right at home.

Again, I found this at a garage sale.

And, the evening glow.

Thank you for visiting my back door.  I am joining in with Cindy at My Romatic Home for Show and Tell Friday.


  1. So warm and inviting! I love your decorations and the cozy environment you have created! Thanks for sharing!
    ~Beverly @ The Blessed Sparrow

  2. What a beautiful environment you have created! So cozy and looks like Fall! Thanks for sharing :0)

  3. Dear Alana...such a warm and cosy area that you have created to welcome those who come to visit and for your own family as you enjoy time outside! Sweet weekend blessings! ♥ Teri

  4. Oh Alana...this is just lovely!

    I especially like all the pumpkins and the color of the Mums :-)

    Very Autumn!



    PS: Do You have any problems with squirrels? If I leave so much out, some pieces will be missing in the morning :)

  5. Thank you. It is lovely to spend time out there. Hubby & I had our afternoon tea out there today.

    Maria - No, we don't have any problems with squirrels here. I guess I can be thankful for that. They are so cute to see when we travel but I hear they can be quite a nuisance.

  6. What a welcoming a cheery entrance way.

  7. Alana, it all looks lovely! The pumkins, sunflowers, golden glowing lights, the comfy chairs and that pretty park-like setting would draw me out there to happily while away some relaxing moments. Well done!! blessings..Trish


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