Thursday, October 14, 2010

Building A Home

They've been building a new home across the street.  Watching them put it up has made me think about how I am to "build my home".  In order to begin, I need a stong, firm foundation - Christ.  With that firm foundation the house will stand tall and strong through the storms.  I watched as they put in the foundation.  It took time, effort and plain old hard work.  It didn't happen all in one day.  Am I putting time, effort and work into my foundation?

Next came the building.  I again watched as day after day, wind, rain or shine, hot or cold, the men worked diligently and faithfully to build the house.  They were there at the crack of dawn and stayed until late at night.  Am I being that diligent in building my own home?  Am I up in the morning and working throughout the day into the evening?  Do I work no matter what the the mood of the moment is?  Am I being faithful in my building?

Then came the windows, doors and shingles to protect the home not only from the elements but intruders as well.  Am I sepnding time teaching and training my children?  Am I diligent in keeping my own thoughts and actions pure?  Do I protect my family and take care of what intrudes into our home through books, TV, computers and conversations?  Windows and doors are a big investment.  Am I investing in mine?

Finally, the house was built and then came the interior work.  Interesting thought that the interior work can't begin until the foundation is poured and the walls, roof and windows are done.  Do I try to do interior work while there are holes in my walls or cracks in my foundation?  I need to be diligent and faithful in my time with God. 

Unfortunately, I don't get to see the interior of thise house - maybe at some time in the future, but not right now.  However, the planning that went into it - types of floors, cabinets, lighting, paint, floor layout, etc.obviously was planned for in detail and ahead of time.  Can you image the painter showing up and the colors still hadn't been decided upon?  I may not see the inside of the home but I do see the results of the time they took in planning and preparing.  The busyness of the people coming and going gives evidence to their preparation beforehand, everything organized and planned.  What about me?  Am I organized and have I planned ahead?  What does the evidence show about my interior work?  Does my family benefit from my planning?

Now, the house is built and the interior is completed and the family has moved in.  They could stop there.  They could enjoy their new home.  But they continue on to the finishing details, the siding, the landscaping, etc. It's all those final details that make the house a home.  Am I putting on the finishing details?  Am I reaching out to others and sharing God's love .  Am I using my home, built on a firm foundation to share God's love with those around me?

As I look at the new home across the street may I daily be reminded of the lessons I've learned on home building.

"Every wise woman builds her house."
(Proverbs 14:1a)


  1. Great analogy Alana! It's amazing how simple it can be to hear God speaking to us through what we observe around us. I enjoyed this :-) blessings..Trish


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