Wednesday, October 13, 2010


What a day it is turning out to be.  It seems that just as things are running smoothly and you're getting into a comfortable routine, things change.  Even with hubby on shifts we do get into a rhythm, but now with my son going from full-time to part-time work and our daughter starting a part-time job that rhythm has been disrupted.  I seriously think there should be a mandatory juggling course for mothers because I am going to have to become a master juggler of our schedule as we will be schooling around my daughter's work and activity schedule as well as juggling hubby and sons schedule.  To make it just a tad more interesting, hubby has been called in alot because of the many problems they're having at his job.  Like this morning, he ended getting called into work because of problems and they just have too many inexperienced guys who can't fix the problems.  They're learning but it is a process.  In order to handle all the changes to my rhythm I need to be diligent with my schedule but flexible in juggling things around.  It may mean moving things around, changing things from one day to another, and saying no to some other things.  This is not my natural bent, not at all.  It is going to be a challenge, a challenge that will make me a better wife, mother and person. 


  1. I am sure you will handle this upheaval with grace and aplomb. Submitting our will completely to Him, and His plan is the only original 'gift' that we can give to Him. Everything else is something he has given or loaned us already. I think you are being tested my friend. Challenges of will, and what comes naturally to us is never easy. There is a purpose for everything.

    Have a blessed week.

  2. That is challenging. I think some of our best ideas come from our challenges though :-) My current challenge is reducing our monthly grocery budget.

  3. Alana,

    This is going to be a challenge. But stay focus and calm through it all and it will all settle down at the end.

    Grace & peace to you dear friend,


  4. Dear Alana,
    I am always amazed at how soon my schedule has to be juggled all the time.
    Life just seems to be like that.
    I was so impressed with your writing on this especially the last bit "This is not my natural bent, not at all. It is going to be a challenge, a challenge that will make me a better wife, mother and person."
    I pray you are stregthened in your vocation by this,
    God Bless

  5. Thank you all for your support and encouraging words. ~Alana~


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