Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Playing with Essential Oils

 My daughter loved essential oils
And always had some blend running in her diffuser.
When she moved away I missed
Coming home to the scents of the essential oils
So I bought a small diffuser and started dabbling.

At first I just used one oil at a time.
Then, I started using different blends
That I found on Pinterest,
But often I found they started strong
And then disappeared to nothing.

Now I am moving on and experimenting
With blends of my own.
I love this handy reference sheet of
Top notes, middle notes and base notes.

For my little diffuser
3 drops of a top note oil,
2 drops of a middle note,
And 5 drops of a base note
Give me beautiful scents that last all day.

Do you use essential oils?
What is your favourite blend?


~Finding the amazing in the simple~
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