Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Garden Bounty

I have been so blessed this year with a very bountiful garden.
I didn't quite realize just how bountiful it was
until I started harvesting.
All this from one acorn squash plant.
I have plenty of spaghetti squash to share with friends.
Again, all from one plant.
And onions to get us through the winter.
I spread them all out in the sun.
The onions to dry and the squash to harden off for storage.
Our one pumpkin plant produced 13 beautiful pumpkins
that were all a similar size.
Growing cantaloupes can be hit and miss in our zone
but this year was definately a hit.
It's color was vibrant
and it was so juicy and sweet.
Fall flowers are also beginning to bloom in the garden.
The cellulosa is vibrant in color.
And these fall daisies are just beginning to bloom.
And these little sunflowers add lots of color
and attract the bees to the garden.
I just love the colors and bounty of fall!
~Finding the amazing in the simple~
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  1. Hi Alana....thank you to drop a comment.your photos are beautiful.lovely to see your garden with full grown pumpkins.yellow flowers look very pretty.fall flowers are feast to the eyes.thank you to share sujatha...:):)

  2. Your garden did very well! Love all those gorgeous flowers!

  3. nice garden bounty!! Love bringing in a harvest. I had several small pumpkins but every year I battle the awful squash vine borer and she/he sure makes for less of a harvest on vine crops! grrrr


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