Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Waterton Lakes National Park

We didn't stray too far from home on our little holiday.
It is only just over an hour away from our home
and we love to visit there at least a few times a year.

One of the first places most people stop is the Visitors Center
(See the little building at the start?)
which is at the base of Bear's Hump.
You can do a little hike up the mountain to get a fabulous view of the park.
Yup, it's a short little hike but don't let it fool you -
it is one of the steepest hikes I have ever done.

Another favorite stop is the Prince of Wales Hotel which was built in 1927.
I hope to spend a night or two there sometime in the future.

It also gives you a beautiful view of the park
and if you don't do the Bears Hump Hike
this is the next best thing as it overlooks Waterton Lake.

I think this park is super special because it is an
International Peace Park and borders Glacier National Park in Montana.
The two parks together make up what is known as
Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park.

And not only is Waterton Park a peace park,
it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site
and a Biosphere Reserve.

One thing you can almost always count on in the park is wind.
However, we were so fortunate that on this trip it was super calm.

It's not very often I get to see mist rising up off the lake.

These are some of the views from our campsite.

Another unique thing about the park is that there are no foothills,
it goes from prairie straight to mountain.
It is a fabulous sight as you drive towards the mountains!
If you ever have a chance I would highly recommend
visiting the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos. I love so much visiting blogs who post such photos.

    blessings, jill
    ps. I am now following, I though I was, but have been stalking your blog, sorry.

  2. This looks like an awesome place, Alana. Where exactly is it?

    1. It is on the Canada-US border with Glacier National Park being in Montana, USA and Waterton Lakes Park in Alberta, Canada.

  3. What a beautiful place! Thanks for the introduction. It just looks amazing. Gorgeous lake. I can see why you enjoy going there a few times each year!!! The Prince of Wales Hotel looks amazing! I think you should book a night or two for a special occasion and post about it! Please! :)

    1. It is a beautiful place and I hope to book a room at the Prince of Wales soon!

  4. What a lovely park and what a grand hotel. It does look like a marvelous place to stay. Thanks for stopping by, but please don't be jealous of my old rag bucket, LOL.
    Have a great vacation. Connie :)

  5. Beautiful..thanks for sharing!

  6. What a lovely peaceful place you could recharge and relax in no time.

    1. It is a smaller park and not very commercialized yet which makes it super peaceful and relaxing :)

  7. Alana, What a gorgeous sight!Most people would travel a thousand miles to see what you have a short distance away! Those mountains are so majestic!

    1. I am blessed to be able to live so close - that's for sure.

  8. I loved seeing the sights you saw. Thanks for sharing. It's fun to hear about places in our country that I haven't been to. I would love hiking that trail and seeing that view up close and in person. Thanks too for stopping by my blog. I'm always glad when you visit!

    1. Glad I could share the sights with you! I hope you do get a chance to visit the park.

  9. Alana, Waterton Lakes looks like such a peaceful place for a get-away. I'm not a camper but would love to spend some time at the Prince of Wales Hotel. How fortunate this is near your home so you can enjoy the scenic views.


    1. We are blessed and it is a wonderful place to visit!

  10. Alana that is a lovely place and your photos are fantastic!
    What amazing scenery!
    The mountains and lake are breathtaking and I feel refreshed just by looking at your pics :-)
    I believe you when you say that hike was steep - it sure looks it to me.
    blessings..Trish xx

  11. I've been to Waterton Lakes park once before and it was amazing. Thanks for rekindling some nice memories.

  12. Hi Alana, what a beautiful place. So happy that you got to get away. Hubby and I visited Glacier for the first time last Aug. It was gorgeous! We may have to visit Waterton some day now. Thanks for sharing the beauty and wonder of God and Mother Nature with Share Your Cup.

    1. Isn't Glacier so beautiful? We haven't visited Glacier for awhile but it has some spectacular scenery.

  13. Sounds great,
    I really enjoy this reading, thanks for sharing.

  14. Nice Post ! its wonderful place to visit.Thanks for share it.


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