Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Around the Yard and Garden

Whenever we are away I always wonder
how the yard and garden are faring
so one of the first things I do when we get home
is take a tour of the yard and garden.

This is the first flower bed you see when you drive in.
It is my only shade flowerbed
but it is thriving this year.

The daylilies add a wonderful pop of color.

I was concerned how some of my flower pots would do
without their daily watering but they were fine :)

The chili peppers turned from green to red.


The pumpkins and cantaloupe over doubled in size!

And the spaghetti squash is producing lots of squash
and baby watermelons are beginning to appear.

I have been so blessed with a very bountiful garden this year.

The beans are almost done for the season
and the peppers are large and healthy.

We were able to pick our first cucumber
and the corn is filling out.

The strawberries are continuing to produce
and are nice and sweet.

The flowers in the garden are blooming
and bring me such joy with their beauty
while I harvest the vegetables.

The bachelor buttons with their various colors.

Dahlias and stocks.

My forgotten garden is also coming along nicely.

The light blue mushroom almost glows
surrounded by greenery.

I added this little solar light with a blue jay on top.
The blue jay is my daughter's favorite bird.

If you look closely near the back
you can see another solar light with a cardinal on top.
Cardinals are my favorite birds.
I also added a trellis in the corner.
It was wonderful to come home and see
all the beautiful blooms.

~Finding the amazing in the simple~
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  1. Wow what an incredible garden - it's HUGE -
    You take such gorgeous photos :)

    1. Thank you Suzan :) Our garden is over 2400 sqft in size!

  2. Hi Alana,
    What an amazing garden you have! Filled with fresh flowers, fruit, and veggies; what a delight! Your pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing and have a delightful day.


  3. Gorgeous garden, you are very fortunate to have such lovely blooms! Have a nice week.

  4. Your garden is amazing! Very lush and healthy!...Christine

  5. What a welcoming garden! The flowers are so pretty and your vegetable garden looks green and healthy! I saw your last post for a macaroni salad, and since I have a thousand itty bitty tomatoes which will probably ripen all at once, I need ways to use them! Thanks for sharing your gardens and recipe!

  6. Wow! Alana your garden is fabulous!
    What an abundant oasis you have there!
    All your lovely flowers and vegies make me keen to get working in my garden again :-)
    I'm not surprised you felt so happy to come home to your little Paradise.
    Thanks for linking up today.

  7. Hi Alana,
    You have put much hard work into your garden and the results are stunning. The flowers and vegies look so healthy and beautiful..
    Have a good day
    Barb from Australia


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