Saturday, August 25, 2012

One of My Favorite Things

I love linens and lace,
flowers and delicate china,
teacups and teapots and pastels.

But there is one things that gets my heart pounding
and gives me goosebumps of excitment.
Nope, not skydiving.

It's the sound of jets flying by at super speeds.
I love air shows!

Not only do I love the sound of the jets
and watching the acrobatic fliers
but there is also the thrill of trying to caputre
them on camera as they zoom by at warp speeds.

And there aren't only jets at air shows.
There are also gliders,
and parachuters,
and jet fueled
outhouses, and snoopy houses

the Magic School Bus!

There's the new...

and there's the vintage.

There's the experienced fliers
and some who are just learning.
These three vintage planes do an aerobatic routine.
One instructor and two brothers who are learning.

There's the big and there's a small.
There is a little bit of everything at the air show.
But my favorite is the CF-18 fighter jet.
This is the one at the air show and if you look very closely
you would see 13 unique snowflakes,
each representing a province or territory.
Is there something you enjoy that is unexpected?

~Finding the amazing in the simple~
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  1. I love your pictures..we live in a place where the planes fly over regularly. small planes....even see them through the back windows of our family room at's been a constant in my life so long that it seems normal.....
    thanks for this post..

  2. I love that school bus! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. You have a great looking recipe list which I plan to check out!

  3. Great post. We don't get too many air shows. Do you like long distance air travel too? Have a great week.

  4. Honestly, it would scare me to death to be at an air show since you tend to hear stories about crashes at some of them. However, it is very fun to watch them do those stunts. I especially loved seeing the old planes, so thanks for sharing those pictures. Have a great Sunday!

  5. Gorgeous pictures (I thought for a minute you went sky diving!!!). Hope you have a lovely weekend:)

  6. What a fun post! It brought a smile to my face. I love air shows too. God bless you today and thanks for the fun.

  7. I think your blog is very inspiring, i enjoyed reading it. Lets follow each other! I am dreaming of having more than 25 followers. I wold really appreciate it xxx

  8. Just popping in to see what you are up the pictures. I agree, there is something about that sound that gives me goosebumps too :)


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