Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring Pinks

We have a shrub in the front corner of our house.
I don't know what it is called
and for most of the year it is just
plain and bushy and kind of ugly looking.

However, for a few short glorious weeks in early spring
it covers itself in these beautiful
pale pink flowers.

They are so delicate and add a beautiful pop of color
to the otherwise still drab outdoors.

So this week I thought I would do a tablescape
featuring my favorite spring pinks
before they are all gone.

I found these pink napkins at Goodwill
and the napkin rings came from e-bay.

These are my favorite spring dishes
which I found on clearance at Stokes last year.

Along with matching mugs.
I love the delicate flowers on the wine glasses.
These came with a set of dishes
that we purchased many years ago.

This flower dish was an impulse by :)
from Stokes this past week.

And the pretty little candle inside came from Dollarama.

Light and delicate and fresh.

I love the pinks of spring!

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  1. Me too! This is beautiful! enjoying the Spring time and all the pretty colors! =O)

  2. So beautiful!!! I love pink anyway, and your tablescape is just delightful. I don't know the name of many flowers, but whatever you have there are certainly gorgeous. I love the dishes, in fact, if you ever want to get rid of them..... Ha ha! Anyway, those napkin rings are precious. I'm always looking for more napkin rings, but since I've become a Goodwill shopper, I hate to pay the "big" bucks anywhere else. Great table.

  3. I love love love your table. Your home looks truly lovely and so very cosy. Hugs. Juli

  4. Absolutely perfect for spring. Wonderful job, you have such a good eye for color and balance.

  5. Your table-scape is so pretty.The candle and plate go together so well and all the beautiful dishes go with the wonderful pink flowers.

  6. OMG ...Such a lovely shrub... gorgeous !!!! Your dishes are the perfect match to celebrate the blooming of these lovely flowers. Thank You for sharing your lovely post today ...Hugs

  7. What pretty pinks in this spring tablescape!The square plate is delightful!
    Any bush that blooms so beautifully is a keeper!

  8. Beautiful flowers and your tablescape is very sweet and adorable...Christine

  9. Those flowers are just gorgeous -- I don't blame you for bringing some in to adorn the table. They are beautiful as a centerpiece, and you are such a good shopper.

  10. This table is charming. And the pink flowers are stunning. I usually can tell what a plant is, but not this one. Is is an azalea? But maybe not because the stems seem very straight and that's not typical for an azalea. Whatever it is, it's beautiful and you've used it in such a terrific way.

  11. Such a lovely spring table! Great idea, to build it around those pretty flowers from your yard. Those cute napkin rings really caught me eye, and I love that their shape echoes the square floral plate. Very appealing!

  12. pretty pretty pinks. Love the flowers and I love the pretty dishes. The napkin rings are great. xo marlis

  13. I too love all the pink we find in spring time! You have put together a lovely table!

  14. Hi! I'm with Heather on this one. I think that may be some sort of an azalea....or possibly rhododendron based on the shape of the leaves. At any rate, they blooms are lovely, and they make a great centerpiece! Such a great pattern on your plates & mugs, too!!!!

  15. What a wonderful inspiration! That pink is so beautiful. I love how you built your table around them. Love it!

  16. The shrub looks like it might be Indian Hawthorne. Very pretty table. Clever idea putting the flower candle inside the flower bowl.

  17. Thanks everyone for your wondeful comments and your suggestions as to what my bush may be. Now that I have some place to start I am going to do a little research and see if I can find out what it is :)

  18. Beautiful flowers on that shrub. Love your table. Visiting from Seasonal Sundays. xo

  19. Beautiful flowers and lovely table! Stopping by from the Tablescaper! Nice to visit with you.

    Kindly, Lorraine

  20. I like the pinks in the tablescape. The table is lovely.

  21. What a beautiful table, love the plates and the flowers are gorgeous. Have you been able to figure out what type of bush it is? Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  22. Thanks everyone for your comments. I am thinking it is a type of rhodenedron from the pictures I have been studying but I am a little confused on that because if it is I don't think it should be able to grow here. I need to do a little more digging on that to be sure.

  23. The flowers look familiar, like maybe we had one growing up. The table is beautiful with it's soft pink shades!

    I am following you!

  24. Thank you Elaine and thanks for following :)

  25. Thank you Elaine and thanks for following :)

  26. I (((LOVE))) your flowering pink bush and together in your setting "It's all breathtaking"! I especially love the pinks with the green tablecloth(one of my VERY FAVORITE color combos). Your dishes are delightful! Is that a magnolia bloom on the dishes? SO PRETTY!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  27. This table is full of sweetness and love. And I can't resist to write a little comment to support you on what you are always doing. You always inspired us by simply sharing your thoughts especially on decorating and that's why I always love to visit this site. Love your table anyway!

    Satin Tablecloths

  28. Perfectly pink and beautiful! Love those salad plates, and the flowers are so pretty!
    Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish!
    Mother's Day Challenge this Wed at 7! :)


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