Friday, May 18, 2012

House Plant Makeover

I love growing things outdoors
but for some reason
I don't have much success with
growing indoor plants.

My daughter, on the other hand,
seems to have great success with her houseplants.
She had one instruction for me when she went off to college -
"Don't kill my plants."

Well, believe it or not I didn't kill them.
I actually am pretty proud about that - lol.
But when she got home she declared
they needed transplanting
and, well, they did - desperately.

We went shopping for some new pots
that she felt would go with her room decor.

And then the transplanting began.
The plants were so happy to have
bigger pots and fresh soil.

And the new pots look so nice in her room.

I love her bamboo.

It even got a new pot,
fresh water
and new rocks.

The plant on the left she took from me
and nursed it back to health
when she discovered it almost dead.
The little shamrock has been struggling
so she's claimed that one too!

I thought this pot was so cute for the shamrock plant.
She tried to match her plants to her pots :)

And her Christmas Cactus bloomed twice this year
under my care :)

It was a good day to be planting inside
because outside the snow was coming down.
It's been a crazy weathered spring
that's for sure.

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  1. Your post made me smile. :-) My mom has a brown thumb and I rescued many a plant from her as a teenager. Your daughter's plants are lovely. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Snow in May! I feel for you. The plants all look great in their new homes. That was an amazing set of dishes that you got for $20 a few posts back. What a great deal! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. House at Bluebird Lane - Thanks!

    Jennifer - We've had at least one snowfall each week so far in May and then in between it's been really hot. Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Can't believe you had snow! Wrote about one of your recipes on my blog today! Enjoy!

  5. You cracked me up! My mom is better than me with the green thumb...I'm not so bad either. I have just a few plants and they're doing well..than yo! Sorry about the snow in May, goodness. I love how your plants look, though. The dishes, how fabulous, what a deal!! Thank you for your lovely visit and wishes. Hugs,

  6. Snow? That's terrible. We have been having some crazy spring weather too. But I hope we are finished with snow but you never know. The lily of the valley is just blooming so I did an update on my new cork board. Thanks for stopping by.The plants look wonderful and remind me that I should probably do that too.

  7. Love the bamboo, And I have a huge vine like that outside! -Jessica

  8. Good thing you weren't gardening outside, but wow, I have to say being from Florida, I find the idea of snow exciting, especially in May! It's getting hot down here. Thanks for coming by and commenting on my "Matchlight Morning" post! If you get tired of the snow you can always come back over and see my seaside pics! There's another post a little ways back with way more.


  9. I'm just the same.. I kill almost every plant :( Congrats on your success!

  10. The catcus probably did well if you neglected it. My Mom has tried to grow catcus and succlents in the house without success. I grow those better than she does, and I always tell her the trick is just to plant them and don't bother them anymore. Anything that needs to be watered more often tends to not last long under my care, but since Mom overwaters things, these things do better with her.

    Odd how these things work, isn't it? Hope you have a great weekend, even with all that snow!

  11. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. I am glad to know that I'm not the only one who lacks in the growing house plant department ;)

  12. I know I was here before, but just wanted to drop by again to thank you for linking up to Your Cozy Home Party this week!

  13. Your welcome Shannon! I love your Cozy Home Party :)


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