Tuesday, May 8, 2012

School Room to Sitting/Guest Room Reveal

My years of homeschooling came to an end this past year
as my youngest daughter headed off to college.

It's funny how you can be so proud and happy
yet feeling sad and lost
all at the same time.

Since a school room was no longer needed
and this room adjoins my daughters room
I decided to convert it into a sitting/guest room
for my daughter (and me too)

I knew this project would take some time
as papers had to be sorted through
as well as 14 years of accumulation.

What I hadn't anticipated was the emotional side
of re-doing this room
so it took longer than I anticipated
but it was good therapy as well
as this season of my life came to a close.
And, I did get it finished by the time
my daughter came home last month.

The walls were a pale blue and I finally decided
on a color called "Spilled Milk"
which is a very light cream color.

The trim was in desperate need of some TLC
and I painted it all white.

Here is the finished view from the doorway.

And in the little corner by the doorway
is a very comfortable chair
for relaxing, reading & having tea.

Now comes the fun stuff :)
I found these wonderful light switch covers on e-bay.
They match the quilt on the daybed perfectly
and look like they came as part of the set.

I had so much fun creating the top of the dresser.;
My daughter added her special touch
as you can see by the fingernail polish
between the display :)

I used lilacs as the theme flowers for spring
but will change them around with the seasons.

This delicate pink jeweled butterfly pin
is a perfect centerpiece for the lilacs.

Rose is one of my favorite scents.
Don't you love the handmade soaps?
I have a friend who makes these.

This is my daughter's creation
and I am sure she will be taking it with her
when she heads back to school in September.

What says a girls room like vintage perfume bottles
and jewels?

I found these little bottles at Michaels
(so they're not really vintage)
on clearance, of course.

Along with this candle holder.

I thought the jeweled dragonfly
complemented the butterfly.

And I love the colors on these pins.

Which were tucked away in the back of a drawer.

Of course, a TV was needed if this room
was going to be mainly for my daughter
& her friends.

You have probably seen these candle holder in previous posts
but I think they may have found their forever home.

At least for now that is :)

Now you can't have a sitting room
without a few teacups.

And of course, a teapot.

The bottom of the Entertainment unit
was filled with a white bouquet of flowers.

My daughter's nighstand from her dorm room
fits nicely under the window.

As does her little lantern.

Some lilacs along the windowsill
brighten up the ledge.

In the reading corner sits a fig tree,
which surprisingly I haven't killed yet.

This wonderful little throw I bought at a
Hospital Auxiliary fundraiser
for my daughter's birthday.

I just love the little crocheted roses.

It really is quite a cozy little corner.

The bedding for the daybed
is called 'Antique Rose'.

And our little cat which we found at a garage sale.
If you put batteries in it looks like it is breathing.
Because of allergies we can't have a real cat :(

My daughter made pillows for her dorm room
so for now they fill the other part of the daybed.

Our tastes in decorating are similar.

And her little teddy bears which her Grandma made for her
dressed in her favorite hockey team jerseys - lol.
They will travel with her once again in September.

It was a long process for me to transform this room,
but when my daughter came home and saw the room for the first time
she just sat down on the bed and laughed
from sheer delight.

And that's what made the process so worthwhile.

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  1. So beautiful! Looks so comfy and cozy.

  2. Thanks Debi! It gets the wonderful afternoon sun and is the perfect spot to enjoy a good book and a cup of tea :)

  3. It looks so beautiful and so comfortable! Great job!

  4. It turned out lovely! I have been having empty nest issues for the last year. My oldest graduated HS and is attending a community college and living at home but, last spring when he graduated and my youngest was leaving kindergarten it was so sad to me that they were each leaving those stages of their lives. It hit me hard, I am slowly getting over it. We'll see how I do when he finally leaves.LOL

  5. Quante belle cose in queste tue fotografie! buona serata...ciao

  6. What a difference. I can understand that you were sad as you put away the school stuff and prepared for the adult. We know we have done a good job when our kids fly the nest with no trouble but there is a part of us that thinks...don't go!! Joan

  7. What a great change! You must be so thrilled with the new look.

    My daughter is living at home while attending college so I haven't had to deal with and empty nest just yet :)

  8. What a fantastic transformation. Your daughter is a lucky girl. The perfect spot yo relax in.

  9. I enjoyed the tour of your beautiful transformed sitting room today. It looks very comfortable, feminine, and charming. :)

  10. WOW WOW WOW!!! Thank you SO much for posting this transformation! Oh, how I can relate to what you said about being so proud and yet so lost at the same time...my emotions are going up and down like a roller coaster this week. *Sigh*

    Thanks again, and also thanks for giving me permission to take some TIME in getting things cleared out and the school storage spaces disassembled and rejuvenated as new spaces. I think it will be therapy, but sad for now.


  11. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments on the room and also for sharing how you relate to this time of transition and all the emotion that goes with it.

  12. Great transformation! It really turned out nicely.

  13. Your room is beautiful. I like the antique rose bedding. It is very cozy and inviting. What a great spot for your daughter and her friends. :-)

  14. It is so cozy and pretty. I love that cozy corner and that cat. I still have one left to homeschool. I took a few years off after 14 yrs of homeschool and my youngest went to school. Now we're going back to homeschooling in the fall.


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