Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Return of Winter

Winter has returned with a vengeance.  We've been having such a beautiful fall that we were lulled into the false sense of hope that it would just continue on.  Unfortunately, we awoke to the jarring reality of winter.

Who needs a gym membership when you get to shovel out the driveway by hand.

The only one who was really happy with the snow and cold was our dog.

It was a perfect day to make some soup.

I do have to admit that with the snow it is much easier to think about Christmas.  I made some Christmas gift tags out of some leftover scrapbooking paper and stickers.  These are a few of my favorite ones.

This past weekend was my dad's birthday.  We had a wonderful day on Sunday celebrating and visiting.  It will be three years in January since his heart attack and we almost lost him then and many more times in the past three years.  I am so thankful for this time we are able to share.

"The family is a haven in a heartless world."
-attributed to Christopher Lasch


  1. Wow, that's a lot of snow! It looks like winter has arrived!

    I just love your gift tags. They look so high-end and professional!

  2. Oh Alana,

    I just enjoy the snow so much :)

    Your gift tags are just lovely...and what a joy to be able to celebrate your dad's birthday! Our Lord is so good! :)


  3. I love your blog here and have added you to my side bar so I can tag along with you. Sounds like we are in the same season of life here with our families. Your gift tags are adorable and I have been dancing with ideas in my head and need to get busy and make some...the season is almost upon us here.

  4. Kelly - Thank you. I got some ideas from the internet and then personalized them. It was a fun and relaxing project.

    Maria - I usually like the snow but I'm just not ready for it this year. It was wonderful celebrating my dad's birthday. It's not something we take for granted anymore.

    Christine - Thanks for joining! I look forward to seeing some of your creative ideas.


  5. Alana-

    I am not a fan of the white stuff, either. :(
    Just think of it as being one day closer to spring...

    Glad you have your Dad to celebrate with, what a blessing! And, I truly love the tags...they are lovely!

  6. Wow, snow! Hard to imagine! We are enjoying a sunny 75 degree day...with only glimpses of fall so far. :-)

  7. I am not ready for snow...but yours looks pretty! I enjoyed seeing all of your homemade gift nice! It sure looks like a good day to be inside enjoying all of the sweet pleasures of home! Sweet blessings! ♥ Teri

  8. We just had a good snowfall at our house the last couple of days...first this winter! Good times!

    Love your Christmas tags. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment on hallelujahs.

    Blessings to you,


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