Thursday, November 11, 2010

Basement Room Finale

We have been happily enjoying our basement room makeover and now I have finally taken the last few finishing touch pictures.  However, I thought I would start at the very beginning. 
My goal was to reclaim this room and make it usable.

The most surprising part of the job was that it went so much quicker than I thought it would,
  once I got busy that is ;)

Once it was cleaned up the fun part began - getting creative.

And then for the finishing touches.  The guys wanted to be able to block out all light for gaming purposes so I ended up putting a rollerblind.  I am still looking for a different curtain to put over top of that but I may have to end up making one.

I also added a little carpet to warm up the room.

And finally, clean, cozy and very usable.

We have been enjoying using this room so much and hubby has thanked me many times over for cleaning it out and making it usable.  Now, he is busy working on the main family room. Who knows, it may even be ready before Christmas.  Now that would be a treat indeed :)

I am joining in at "The Shabby Chic Cottage" for Transformation Thursdays .  So many creative people and so many amazing transformations.  It's worth stopping by for a visit.

I am also joining in at "My Romantic Home" for Show and Tell Friday  Another great place to visit with so many beautiful things to see.  Definately take some time to check it out if you can.


  1. Dear Alana,
    This is amazing! What an accomplishment! You are a real encouragement to all of us. It makes me want to get started on my big project...the attic. Since we don't go up there very much...I have tended to ignore it. But it really needs an overhaul...thanks for giving me the "boost" to start working on it!
    Sweet blessings, dear friend,

  2. Laura - It was sheer determination that got me going but once I got into it I had fun and what a sense of accomplishment (and peace) once it was done. Definately well worth it. ~Alana~

  3. That was a HUGE project you tackled. Not only does it seem cleansing, but you have a whole new room. Great job!

    Take care,

  4. Alana-

    Phenomenal job!! What a huge difference!

    Want to come and do mine???

  5. Oh my goodness! You did a fantastic job, Alana! Your basement looks AMAZING!!! That is such an encouragement to go ahead and tackle those spaces that seem overwhelming.

  6. Thank you. I so glad to have a room that is once again usable. ~Alana~

  7. That would be a treat. Hope it all goes well. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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