Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Living Room Make Over

Way back in April I gave you a Sneak Peak into what we were doing in our living room.
Today I am finally showing you the finished product.
So, after a whole lot of patching, sanding, painting, putting up crown moulding
and general getting down and dirty...
we were beginning see light at the end of the make over tunnel.
The walls, which were a light rose color are now a soft cream color,
and the window trim which was a dark rose color is now white.
This was not the original area rug I had picked up
but it fits in perfectly with the bolder colors
of the furniture and pulls it all together
with the textures and pattern.
I found this perfect lamp to go behind my chair
where I x-stitch, giving me perfect light in the evenings.
I just love the leaf work accents,
which complement the new look of the room.
This room would not have come together without the amazing sewing skills of my mom.
She made all the slipcovers for the chairs and couch
giving the room a completely different feel.
They don't even look like the same chairs!
I love how the couch went from a tan to a bright red,
and even better is the fact I can remove and wash
the slipcover so easily.
Now, every time I walk into this room
I get a smile of delight on my face. 
~Finding the amazing in the simple~
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