Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hearts for Home

Today I am joining in with Gae from Cherished Hearts at Home . She has a weekly post called Hearts for Home which is open for others to link up with and share some thoughts on home-centred ways. She encourages us to think of 4-6 things to commit to each week to make homelife special and to bless us as keepers at home.

Last week I didn't get too much accomplished that was on my list.  I did get some of the bookwork done but I am not finished, laundry is caught up (at least for now), I didn't get near the bedroom and I still have to make plans for the upcoming holidays although I do have a few ideas beginning.
Here are a few things I would like to focus on this week.

1.  Finish up the bookwork and paperwork.

2.  Tidy up our bedroom.

3.  Finalize details for Valentine's Day, and following birthday and anniversary (it will be our 20th).

4.  Do something silly with hubby.  This may sound funny but I was thinking back to dating, early marriage years and remembered how we had times where we did something silly that just made us laugh.  Oh, we still laugh and have fun now but with kids and responsibilities alot of the silliness factor is gone.  So this week I want to do something silly :)

~Home, the spot of earth supremely blest,
A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest~
(Maricar Macalincag)


  1. Hi Alana,
    Sounds like you have a very pleasant task ahead of you - planning silliness :-)
    I hope you and hubby have a joy-filled time together.
    bless you..Trish

  2. Good luck with your 'list' this week! The silliness factor must be one of the secrets to your success of 20 years together! Congratulations ... in this day and age when so much is disposable, this is a HUGE accomplishment which should make you so proud!

  3. Dear Alana,
    How wonderful to think about the joy and memories that come form silliness. in fact I think that is one of the things we enjoy as a family and one of our favourites is to quote favourite parts of books and movies.
    I pray you have much joy in your silliness this week as well as in your practical events
    Many prayers for you and blessings too

  4. Alana...How wonderful that you will be celebrating 20yrs together! Praising Our Lord for your happiness and for His constant love for you and yours.

    In His name,



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