Friday, January 7, 2011

Doing Something Special

 Before Christmas I was focusing on doing something special for my hubby each day.  When I began I had my plan all laid out.  Day 1 I would do this, Day 2 I would do that, etc.  Each day I  would complete my "task",  check it off my list and move on with my day.  Then, one morning, I woke up and realized that I didn't have anything special on my list for hubby and I didn't want to just repeat what I had recently done.  That was the day I quit thinking and planning (a good thing in this case) and began listening.

Because I didn't have my plan and I still wanted to do something special for hubby I really began to listen to what he was saying and asking myself, "how can I help him?"  And, as I started to listen I found plenty of opportunities to do special things for him.  Taking a couple of minutes to sweep up the basement while he was trying to finish it up, making him a honey-lemon tea when he mentioned his throat was a little scratchy, making a fresh cake so it was still warm when he got home from work at 9 pm, and the list goes on and on.
As I began to listen I didn't stop after one thing in a day.  It became my own challenge to myself to see what else I could find as I listened - my own personal treasure hunt.

As I watched and listened I began to appreciate hubby so much more.  Instead of taking for granted the things he does I became more aware of all the little things he does for me and the family and I began to value him more.  So, what began as doing something nice for hubby so he'd appreciate me more became an eye-opener for me and changed my attitude toward him. 

"The best portion of a good man's life - his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love."
~William Woodsworth~


  1. Oh Alana, this was very convicting to me today!

    Listening is not something I am good at. I want to be heard but it also means letting others hear also.

    I am going to begin to apply this Alana, to my life...May Our Lord bless our efforts.


  2. What a wonderful post Alana! I'm guilty of not always listening to my husband's needs...though I expect him to listen to mine. Thank you for this gentle reminder to appreciate our husbands more. I am so thankful for mine! And I will start listening more.

  3. Dear Alana,
    This is such a sweet post...and the gentle reminder that we all need every now and then.

    Have a blessed evening!

  4. Alana-
    What a wonderful wife you are. Your heart and your head are so kind and inspiring!

  5. Dear Alana...thank you for the sweet reminder and for sharing about the "listening" instead of always "talking"...which seems to be an area that I truly need to work on! My husband is such a sweetheart...always listening when I am talking...but I am going to try to be the one who listens for a change. Alana...thank you for visiting my "little space"...always enjoy your visits! Hugs ♥ Teri

  6. A great post! Being a 'good' listener is such a valuable skill! The people I find myself most drawn to are those who take the time to 'really' listen to what I have to say!

  7. This is really good food for thought. I've also noticed the same thing as you - when you're looking for ways to show your appreciation for your husband you seem to start appreciating him more.



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