Friday, May 13, 2022

Week In Review

With the weather warming up I decided it was time
to do a closet purge and reorganization.
It was definitely needed.
I usually have a pretty good handle on what is in my closet
but for some reason last year things got out of control.
No more though, things are now back under control

I went over to my son & daughter-in-law's
and helped them with some spring cleaning.
They have been so sick for so long and
I was glad I was able to give them a helping hand.
My daughter-in-law treated me to Pupusas for the first time
which I quite enjoyed.

Monday I got a surprised letter from a young friend of mine.
We used to work together until she moved away.
We used to just keep in touch at Christmas
but have started writing more frequently.
It makes my heart sing when I get a letter from her.

Tuesday night I pulled out my stitching
which has been on a break since before our vacation.

It probably wasn't the best night to work on it
as I was extremely tired
and ended up having to take out everything I put in.

Wednesday morning I was up early and off the dentist before work.
I was glad to get a clear bill of health on my teeth!
No fillings or crows needed.

Thursday I stopped to visit my parents and they gave me this picture.
It has special meaning and I have always loved it.
We lived in the Northwest Territories and when we left
my parents were gifted this beautiful
Moose Hair Tufted picture.
These are made completely by hand and represent hours of work.
I just have to find the perfect spot to hang it.

Friday my car had to be taken in for a tire repair.
It picked up this nail.
Thankfully the tire was still under warranty
and it just cost us our time of having to take it in.

I hope you had a wonderful week!


~Finding the amazing in the simple~
Thanks so much for stopping by!


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