Thursday, May 12, 2022

Guest Room Makeover Part 1 - All the Emotions

Now that we are home from our vacation
and with the exciting news that tickets are booked
and our daughter and son-in-law
will be coming to visit us in July
I can no longer procrastinate on making over the guest room.
It is the first time the whole family will be together since 2019.

The guest room was formerly my daughter's room
and I hadn't done much with it since she moved.
Honestly, I've just been procrastinating.

The first part of it was the biggest job -
cleaning it out and going through everything that my daughter left.

My daughter loves quilts and duvets.

I had quite a few to sort through
and many pictures were sent back and forth.
Some we decided to give away,
some got sent down to her
and we kept a few.

Once we got everything moved into the other room
the fun part began.

I decided to go with a Navajo White for the walls.
It went best with the two quilts I decided to keep for the guest room.

The paint covered the green walls amazingly well.

What I wasn't quite prepared for was the emotions that I felt
as I started to make over this room.

This was my daughter's room since she was quite young
and it has had a few makeovers
but this would be the final one.

It is no longer my daughter's room
but a guest room.
A few tears were shed as I painted
but it felt good to work through the emotions.

This was also going to be the last makeover
as we hope to move in the next few years,
so that was a little sad as well.
I love my little house.

However, once I worked through the emotions
the excitement of making over the room took over.

I was thrilled with the final result on the walls and trim.

Time to move onto part two of the makeover -
the finishing touches!

Have you ever had an emotional room makeover? 


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