Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Wind Storm

First of all, I apologize that some of these pictures are dark.  My good camera went to Berlin with my daughter so it was back to the oldie for awhile.

We had quite a wind storm come through and it took down part of what we thought was a healthy tree and because of where it split we ended up having to take out the whole tree.

The really frustrating part of the whole thing was that we have about four other trees that need to come down but not one of them suffered during the storm.
Of course, once we started taking the tree down we knew why it had gone down.  Although it looked healthy on the outside it wasn't so healthy on the inside.

 It was a good lesson on the importance of taking care of our inner self - no matter how good we seem to look on the outside.

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  1. Sorry to hear you lost such a pretty tree, thankfully it didn't hit anything on it's way down. Very good lesson, indeed!


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