Monday, March 5, 2018

Early Spring Wreath & Evening Work

What a winter we have been having.
It has been hard to get into spring mode
while everything is still buried under a few feet of snow.
It is very unusual for us for this time of year.

With the snow, cold weather and short days
I have to admit that all I want to do
when I get home from work is be a couch potato.

But, I want to be more productive
so I am trying to do a small evening project each evening.
Did I mention I am a morning person?
This evening project is a challenge for me
but when I get it accomplished
I feel awesome!

This evening's project was to make a wreath
for my back door.
I wanted something that said "early spring".
I am not ready to do florals yet
with all the snow.
It just doesn't feel right.

I did, however, fall in love
with the pussy willows
and light shades of green
while I was browsing at Michaels.

I was very pleased with the finished look
and it feels just right
for the season we are currently in.

How about you?
Are you ready for spring?


~Finding the amazing in the simple~
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  1. Oh, I am more than ready for spring and your wreath is most welcoming to spring. I'm a morning person as well and slow way down in the evenings. Happy week!

  2. I am an early morning person, always have been. Ordinarily I love winter and this one has been nice but I'm ready for a change to lighter jackets and some consistent sunshine :)

    1. I agree - it has been a very long winter here as well and I can't wait for spring to really arrive :)

  3. Alana, your wreath is gorgeous! Good choice to go with this instead of flowers.

  4. I'm a morning person, too, Alana, and after dinner, I'm about done for the day. Your wreath turned out so pretty. Thank you for your visit to my blog. Happy first week of Spring!

    1. Thanks Kitty! I really have to push myself to be busy in the evening but its worth it.

  5. I love pussywillows! They are a great sign of Spring and I bought a bunch for inside my home. Too bad we still have lots of snow here too. Your wreath looks great! Perfect for early Spring.

    1. Thank you AnnMarie. The snow is melting ever so slowly but eventually spring will be here.


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