Sunday, September 27, 2015

Week In Review

A wonderfully relaxing day!
We took our daughter out for lunch
and then relaxed and caught up
on some of our favorite TV shows.

The mornings are getting quite chilly.
I had to pull out my little gloves
to keep my hands warm on the drive in to school.

Things are a little crazy at work
as we are down to half the amount of staff
we normally have and then the elevators
aren't working so that means
hauling everything up and down the stairs :(
I took a little time to do some pumpkin decorating,
it helps me relax!

I don't particularly enjoy the fact 
that when I get up it is dark
and it's already quite dark
when I am finished work in the evening.
However, watching the morning
sunrise makes up for it.

I did a little bit of extra cooking
so we would have things
in the fridge for the upcoming week
as hubby is going onto a set
of six 12-hour night shifts.

We got out of school early 
and the day was absolutely gorgeous!
Forget the housework, 
I spent the extra time outside
puttering around in yard :)

I love Saturday mornings,
no alarms,
no getting up in the dark,
and hubby brings me coffee in bed.
It is definitely my favorite day of the week!
It was such a beautiful morning
we took a morning stroll
while our breakfast cooked in the oven
What is your favorite day of the week?.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
 ~Finding the amazing in the simple~

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